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Commercial Garage Door Repair Fremont

Commercial Garage Door Repair Fremont

Project Description

Recently, Omaha Garage Door Repair completed a crucial commercial garage door repair project for a Fremont, Nebraska, client. The job involved replacing a pair of worn-out garage door springs and rusty and squeaky garage door rollers. The system required both of these parts to function well and safely. If they did not take care of them right away, the client might end up with even more extensive damage. However, the age and poor condition of the existing spring system required a full conversion. So, we had to ensure that the replacement parts would work with no issues.

Scope of the Commercial Garage Door Repair

Omaha Garage Door Repair took the following steps to fix the underlying problems:

Identifying and Dealing with Garage Door Issues

Upon inspection, it was evident that the old spring system was past its prime and in desperate need of an overhaul. So, we had to replace both the springs and rollers, along with other important parts. We also noted changing the old center bracket, which could not hold the new pair of torsion springs. All these damages could really put a strain on the opener and other parts. Likewise, poor installation of the garage door spring system could pose a risk. 

Removal of Old Garage Door Parts

With extreme caution, we removed the broken torsion springs, the old center plate, and the damaged rollers. This job needed extreme care to prevent door damage and ensure our technicians' safety.

Installation of New Center Bearing Plates

With the old components removed, we installed new center bearing plates. These plates are essential for providing a stable base for the new torsion spring and ensuring smooth operation. The bearing plates also help distribute the door's weight evenly, which prevents premature wear on other parts.

Replacement of the Garage Door Torsion Spring

Then, we installed a set of high-quality garage door torsion springs. For the best performance and durability, we chose this spring type based on the door's specs. The spring installation process included precise calibration to make sure the door worked with no issues.  

Replacing the Broken Garage Door Roller

Next, we replaced the broken rollers with ones that are tough, durable, and can handle any kind of weather. With the new rollers in place, the garage door opens and shuts with ease, with no squeaks and creaks. Not only does it make everything work better, but it also makes it last longer.  

Garage Door Testing and Final Adjustments

For safety, we tested the garage door several times. We adjusted the alignment and tension of the springs and made sure the roller ran smoothly. After all the fixes, we made sure that the client's commercial garage door was safe, reliable, and ready for action. 

Garage Door Repair Project Result

The project ended with a commercial garage door that worked properly and met current safety and efficiency standards. The client felt pleased with the quick response, professional service, and improvement in the way their garage door worked. With our team's expertise, the client could go on with their business as usual.

Ensuring Long-Term Garage Door Reliability and Safety

Omaha Garage Door Repair's latest job in Fremont, NE, shows how committed and excellent we are in handling garage door repairs. We came up with a solution that met the needs of both the spring and the roller and made it safer and more useful. We also fixed the problems that were really causing an old system to break down.

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Got a commercial garage door that is acting up? Do not let it slow down your business! Whether it is a pesky garage door spring that needs replacing or a broken roller, Omaha Garage Door Repair has got you covered. Our garage door experts are ready to save the day with exceptional service and quality parts. We are more than just fixing doors; we also guarantee that your business runs smoothly and safely. So why wait? Call us today, and let us handle your garage door woes.

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