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Garage Door Repair Elmwood, NE

Garage Door Repair Elmwood, NE

Project Description

Omaha Garage Door Repair received a call from an elderly homeowner in Elmwood, NE, whose garage door opened and closed slower than usual and in a jerky manner. Our technician immediately set out to diagnose the problem. It turned out that some of the garage door rollers were completely worn out, causing the door to jolt wildly back and forth. Our technician performed garage door roller replacement and replaced all ten rollers with premium sealed nylon rollers. The client was delighted when their garage door’s smooth gliding motion was restored.

Garage door rollers do an arduous task—they move large and heavy garage doors, allowing them to open and close smoothly up and down the tracks. Unfortunately, these rollers are subjected to a great deal of wear and tear over time, and despite their excellent performance, they will eventually need to be replaced. Here is all you need to know about garage door roller replacement.

Types of Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers come in various types and materials, each with its own advantages and lifespan. 

Plastic rollers - The most basic rollers are made of plastic. They have the least lifespan of only a few years. 

Steel rollers with ball bearings - These can last 10 to 15 years if properly maintained. But, unfortunately, they are the noisiest rollers.

Steel rollers without ball bearings - These builder-grade rollers will only last several years, similar to plastic rollers.

Nylon rollers - Depending on quality, these can last anywhere from 12 to 20 years. Again, they are the priciest option but also the best in terms of performance and noise level.

Service Life of Garage Door Rollers

Garage door rollers are rated in cycles (one full door opening and closing counts as one cycle). Therefore, the number of cycles garage door rollers can go through before they wear out is limited. On average, garage doors in residential setups are operated between three and five times per day (1,500 times per year). Nylon rollers are generally rated for 10,000 cycles and last six to seven years. To find the rollers’ service life, refer to the documentation for your garage door system.

When Do Garage Door Rollers Need to Be Replaced?

While cycle ratings are helpful as a guide, garage door rollers frequently wear out or become damaged prematurely, requiring replacement sooner. That is why regularly checking them for loose or bent components is crucial. In addition, wobbly rollers indicate that they are not performing properly and will likely continue to show wear and tear.

Another sign that your garage door rollers must be replaced is when your door is frequently out of alignment. Well-performing rollers help keep the proper alignment of the garage door. For example, the rollers on your garage door should be replaced if the door constantly runs off its hinges or slips out of alignment. Worn-out rollers also cause the door to vibrate and excessively shake when operating. Have your door inspected by a garage door professional when you see these signs.

When Do Garage Door Rollers Need to Be Replaced?

In general, premium-quality rollers will last considerably longer than low-quality ones. Proper lubrication also helps extend the life of your rollers. How to lubricate depends on the type of rollers you have.

Plastic rollers/nylon rollers with no ball bearings - Apply lubricant to the outside of the roller and where the shaft meets the roller.

Steel rollers/nylon rollers with exposed ball bearings - Apply grease to the ball bearings found at the innermost section of the roller, where it meets the shaft.

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Call us at Omaha Garage Door Repair when your garage door needs roller replacement. We service Omaha and the surrounding areas, including Lincoln, NE, and Council Bluffs, IA, and offer roller replacements for residential and commercial garage doors. We also provide superior garage door roller maintenance and repair services at unbeatable prices. Request free estimates now by calling (402) 819-5158.

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