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A homeowner from Omaha, NE, called Omaha Garage Door Repair because of a garage door problem. Even though their house is only three years old, they have had to frequently repair the garage door because it kept intermittently not shutting. They have tried multiple things recommended on the internet, but nothing has worked. Finally, our technician closely inspected the garage door and discovered the root of the problem: the tracks were severely skewed. The only solution was to replace the tracks entirely. We set a schedule for the garage door track replacement, and now their garage door always shuts properly.

Age, accidents, and the installation of substandard tracks all contribute to garage door tracks becoming out of alignment. Even if your door comes with quality tracks, these tracks will eventually deteriorate and get worn. Therefore, it must be regularly maintained to protect against these problems. Without regular upkeep, rust will gather there and eventually cause your garage door's alignment problems.

Door Rollers with Inadequate Lubrication

The rollers on your garage door play a vital role in its operation. Not only do they support the weight of the door, but they also help it move smoothly. Unfortunately, these rollers can wear out over time due to the constant weight and movement. So how can you tell whether the rollers on your garage door need to be lubricated or replaced? First, you will notice obtrusive, recognizable noises when the door closes and opens.

Signs Your Garage Door Rollers Need Lubrication

No matter what material your rollers are—nylon, steel, or rubber—you should never use oil lubricants! Oil lubricants are degreasers, and when your garage door is squeaking, it needs grease, not oil. So oil lubricants are the opposite of what you want in this situation.

Always use a silicone-based lubricant for all maintenance unless you have steel rollers.

• Steel rollers: The ball bearings on the innermost part of these rollers need to be lubricated directly.

• Rollers made of nylon with exposed bearings: Lubricate the exterior of the shaft where it comes into contact with the nylon rollers' exposed bearings.

• Sealed ball bearings nylon rollers: Interestingly, no oil is required for these rollers! Without lubrication, they will last for the whole lifespan of your garage.

How to Align a Garage Door

If your garage door is not opening or closing properly, the springs or cables could be a problem. First, check the tracks for any damage and make sure they are clear of any obstructions. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the springs or cables.

Determine the location on the track where the door is having issues, and give that area a closer look. If it is indeed damaged, it might need to be replaced. The safety advice is provided below, but when operating on the tracks, always ensure the door is open and firmly braced to avoid injury.

Tips for Realigning Garage Doors Safely

Before beginning any home improvement project, take some time to consider potential safety hazards. Even a minor job can cause serious harm if not done correctly. For example, adjusting garage door tracks can be dangerous; keep the door down while making any adjustments.

If you are working on a track, only work on one at a time. When you are loosening bolts, never pull them out. Instead, allow enough movement to adjust the track back into place. You might want to wear eye and hand protection, depending on the job.

Advice for DIY Garage Door Repair

It is essential to take safety precautions when working on a door. Placing a ladder under the door can help to brace it open and relieve pressure off the springs. It will also allow for inspecting the springs for rust or warping. Raising the springs to a higher bracket may help if a door closes too quickly. Remember to do this when the door is braced open, and the springs are not taut.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

Do you see any of the above signs on your garage door? Some misalignment cases can be fixed by yourself, but it is best to reach out to a professional for more serious ones. Omaha Garage Door Repair is your one-stop shop for all your garage door repair needs, and we are happy to be of your service. If you are looking for a trustworthy and reasonably priced garage door repair service in Omaha, NE. Call us today for free estimates.

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