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An automotive workshop in Ralston NE, contacted Omaha Garage Door Repair for garage door repair. The garage door struggled to open and would not close evenly. We thought there would be a cable break, so we advised the client not to use the door. Unfortunately, when we got to the site, we discovered that the lifting cable had broken. We immediately got on with the garage door cable replacement and completed it in an hour. The client thanked us for acting promptly.

What to Do if a Commercial Garage Door Cable Snaps

Garage doors are crucial for places of business to be safe and secure. They allow your staff to come and go without worry. However, something as simple as cable breaking can result in dangerous consequences if it is not tended to properly. Though tempting, it would be best not to try to fix the problem yourself. Cable replacement requires specialized tools, spare parts, and expertise. Instead, contact Omaha Garage Door Repair for prompt assistance from qualified technicians. We can evaluate the issue and complete any necessary repairs.

Different Types of Garage Door Cables

Lift Cables

Lift cables are often used in garage doors with torsion springs. The wires are positioned upward toward the torsion springs and fastened to the bottom corners of the door.

Retaining Cables

Garage doors with extension springs typically have retaining cables. The cables are inside the springs in this configuration. They run vertically along the left and right sides of the garage door. The purpose of these cables is to prevent the springs from flying across the room if they break.

Both types of garage door cables have wires made from galvanized steel. These cables are usually strong enough to last years. Still, problems like faulty bearings, moisture near the bottom of the door, and poor tracking alignment may wear down the cable's strength and make it break at any time. While this can be costly if it happens to you, a visual inspection can help avoid a sudden snapping or fraying — or prevent an accident altogether.

Call For Garage Door Repair Service

A broken cable on your commercial garage door can set a chain reaction. If the broken cable is attached to an extension spring, it could stretch the other cables and springs in the system and damage them prematurely. Another problem is if you have a broken cable attached to an extension spring, it could tense the springs so much that they snap, even if there is no extra weight with the door. Typically, a cable does not break from excessive weight — only pressure or tension.

Your commercial garage or facility is exposed if your door is stuck open due to a damaged cable. Call a garage door professional immediately. You can cut the unbroken cable to lower the door and secure your garage until a professional can take a look. Replacing both cables before the other one fails will prevent future accidents and increase the life of your garage door. 

Warning: Proceed with utmost caution when cutting an unbroken cable. Have at least two individuals available to assist you. Drop the door slowly and cautiously after the cable has been cut.

Reasons to Avoid DIY Garage Door Cable Repair

There is much danger involved with trying to repair your garage door. Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured in the US annually while performing simple repairs. Injuries include spraining their ankles, cutting themselves on exposed springs, or even falling off the ladder and injuring themselves. However, a garage door repair specialist knows how to fix the problem safely and by following the industry codes. In addition, a garage door repair company can perform an inspection of your garage door's operation. 

Commercial Garage Door Repair Near Me

If you notice your commercial garage door is not working properly, it is important to identify the problem and seek a professional diagnosis. Call Omaha Garage Door Repair immediately for emergency repair if you notice a problem with your garage door. Regardless of what has caused the damage, our professionals will fix it at a price you can handle. Do not wait! Call us at (402) 819-5158 to learn more about our affordable commercial garage door repair services.

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