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New Garage Door Installation Lincoln

New Garage Door Installation Lincoln

Project Description

A Lincoln, NE, homeowner put all of their trust in Omaha Garage Door Repair to install a new garage door to make their home look better. Because we knew how important a smooth process was, our team arrived the same day for the initial ocular inspection. We took the time to learn about the client's preferences, needs, and budget. 

After our consultation, they chose Colonial-style panels from Wayne Dalton's Classic Steel model. They opted for the same almond color for the embossed steel panels to match the exterior of their house well. After getting the job order, our experts scheduled the garage door installation as soon as possible. We made sure that the materials and parts would arrive within two weeks. Here is the detailed process we followed:

Scope of the Garage Door Installation


First, we began with a detailed plan, taking precise measurements and preparing the site for installation. We made sure all the details were correct and every aspect was ready for a smooth process.

Delivery of Materials

Upon receiving the materials and parts, we checked each item for accuracy, ensuring no damage and that all components were complete as per the order.

Removal of Old Door

We dismantled and removed the existing garage door with extreme caution. After that, we disposed of all the debris properly and prepared the area for the new installation.

Installation of New Garage Door

Our team installed the new garage door panels, fitted each section, and installed the tracks, springs, cables, and rollers. We paid close attention to each detail, ensuring proper balance, exact alignment, and secure tension.

Final Check and Testing

After the installation, we did a thorough inspection and made necessary adjustments to guarantee flawless operation. Finally, we ran multiple tests to guarantee the garage door opened and closed smoothly, along with some reminder tips.

Project Outcome

Our technicians' quick and professional approach impressed the client, and they liked how the installation turned out. The new garage door went beyond what they had hoped for, adding a noticeable boost to their home's curb appeal. They felt really good about their choice to update their garage door, thanks to our top-notch service and the high quality of our work.

Things to Consider for a New Garage Door Upgrade

Want to replace your Lincoln, NE garage door but are not sure how much it will cost or what choices you have? You are not alone. A lot of people want to get a new garage door to make their home look and work better while staying within budget. When picking out a garage door, think about how much it will cost to replace, what style will look best with your home, and what features will make your life easier. For style, would you prefer a classic carriage house or a modern glass garage door? Or would you go for insulated so that it uses less energy? The different choices affect how much your new garage door costs and how happy you are with it. 

Many new garage doors have more to them than meets the eye. With technology, you can open and close your smart garage from afar. Do you have this type of garage or a simpler one? Aluminum, steel, wood, or composite material? Each has good and bad points. Think about the long-term value of your home instead of just your budget when making your choices. In the end, go for a garage door that makes your home safer, more energy-efficient, and more valuable when you want to sell it. 

Garage Door Installation Near Me

Thinking about getting a new garage door but worried about the cost and options in Lincoln, NE? Omaha Garage Door Repair is here to help! Our expert residential garage door services make the whole process hassle-free, from choosing the perfect door to fitting it into your budget. Whether you are looking for a fresh look, better security, or more energy efficiency, we have got you covered with a wide range of options. So, do not let the cost of replacing a garage door hold you back. Call us today, and let us transform your home with a stunning, functional new garage door that suits your style and needs.

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