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Project Description

A homeowner from Omaha, NE, called Omaha Garage Door Repair to replace their old garage door. Unfortunately, the weather battered their door and needed replacing before the cold season began. We consulted with the homeowner to find the perfect door for their needs, and they settled on a new, more weatherproof option with almost the same design as their previous door. We returned for the garage door installation in two weeks, and the homeowner was glad to have an unsightly garage door gone for good.

It is essential to weather-seal your garage to protect your home from damaging elements like wind, rain, hail, and snow. Water entering your garage can freeze and damage the floor and walls. Weather-sealing can be a DIY job if your garage door is working well. However, sometimes, the garage door needs a sealant or gasket replacement. Because it is vital that your garage door work and seal appropriately, you may consider hiring a professional company to handle the job.

Methods of Weather-Sealing a Garage Door

The garage door is the most exposed part of your house, making it one of the weakest links to weather damage. Therefore, taking preventative measures against damage is important to minimize expensive repairs. Check out our feature to learn tips for keeping garage doors safe in extreme weather.

Weatherstripping for the garage door stop

If you are experiencing problems with your garage door not closing correctly, it may be time to replace the weatherstripping on your door stops. Weatherstripping comes in rolls; you can easily cut it to length with a utility knife. It is installed with galvanized nails or screws. The weatherstripping flange should press against the door to create a good seal.

The wooden door stop molding on the door jamb that touches the front face of the door has rubber or vinyl weatherstripping added to prevent wind and rain from penetrating around the sides and top of the garage door.

Weatherstripping for the garage door panel

The spaces between individual door panels are intended to be sealed with V-shaped garage door panel weatherstripping. That can be especially useful on older wood doors with panels with flat edges. However, more recent metal and fiberglass doors typically include interlocking edges to stop air infiltration.

Doors typically come with weatherstripping installed at the top and bottom edges. Weatherstripping allows the door to close tightly and create an effective seal, much like standard house entry doors. Occasionally, a homeowner might want to remove or replace this weatherstripping for various reasons.

Garage door threshold seal

The threshold seal is installed on the garage floor instead of the door, similar to the bottom seal. You can use thresholds on their own or with a door seal. When a driveway slopes down into a garage, thresholds are frequently utilized to keep out surface water. They can also serve in bridging a wide space under a door.

Keep in mind that thresholds can also be a hindrance when it comes to cleaning out your garage. Not only do they stop rainwater from flowing out, but they can also keep dirt and debris from being swept up. Additionally, this type of barrier can become an obstacle if you like to hose down your garage every so often.

Garage Door Installation Near Me

Are you in need of garage door service? Omaha Garage Door Repair NE is here to help! We understand that your garage is a vital part of your home and want to ensure that it remains operational and looks great. We provide top-quality weatherstripping and garage door repair services to suit your needs. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced, so you can be sure your project will be done right the first time. Plus, our branding ensures you will get the best possible customer service when needed. Call us for free estimates.

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