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Garage Door Opener Installation Mead

Project Description

A homeowner from Mead, NE, called Omaha Garage Door Repair because their garage door was not opening and closing properly. We sent our technician and noted that the decade-old garage door opener indicated a short circuit. We did a breakdown of repair costs, which were close to the price of a unit replacement. The homeowner decided a new garage door opener installation was more cost-effective than repairing one. After browsing our lineup of reliable brands, they chose a LiftMaster model due to its extra power. The installation job was completed and made the client ecstatic as they could operate their garage door opener easier and faster than before.

The garage door opener is one of the most crucial parts of your garage door system. It enables you to open and close your garage door quickly and easily. You can count on a high-quality garage door opener for a risk-free, reliable, user-friendly garage opening system. Knowing when to get a new opener for your garage door is crucial.

Signs You Need a New Garage Door Opener

Your garage door constantly needs repair.

Older garage doors require frequent maintenance. The purpose of tune-ups is to maintain the condition of your garage door. Often, a garage door repair technician will not find many issues that need immediate attention. But when components keep breaking despite maintenance, it is probably time to replace the garage door opener.

Your garage door lacks modern safety features.

Safety features are built into garage doors made after January 1991 to guard against the door shutting on a person or thing. If your garage door opener was manufactured before this date, it could not have the most recent security measures that can protect your family.

Replace your garage door opener to protect yourself, your family, and your pets. Ensure your garage door has features like auto-reverse and motion detection by working with a trusted garage door service provider like Omaha Garage Door Repair.

The repair cost is comparable to or more than the replacement cost.

The average cost of installing a garage door opener is $385, or even more if you install a high-end one. It is time to buy a new garage door opener if your current one is ten years old or older and the repair cost is even near the price of a new opener. Your reliable garage door installer will probably provide you with both options to choose which is ideal.

Can You Replace the Garage Door Opener on Your Own?

Every homeowner wants to save money and doing the work themselves is one of the best ways to do so on any home renovation project. Modern homeowners can save much money by taking on easy improvements and conserving their cash for more complex jobs that are better left to professionals.

A new garage door opener installation usually requires two people. Since some lifting and moving are needed to properly align and mount the unit on the ceiling, one or two assists make this task much more manageable. It would be preferable to hire a professional installer if you do not have someone to assist you throughout the installation.

Yes, changing a garage door opener on your own is possible. However, before deciding whether to hire a contractor or do it yourselves, homeowners buying a new garage door opener should consider several factors like time, level of experience and technical skills, and some human assistance.

Garage Door Service Near Me

Need to replace your old garage door opener? Look no further than Omaha Garage Door Repair! We are your one-stop shop for all garage door needs, including door openers. We offer high-quality garage door opener repair and installation services using only the top brands of garage door opener models so that you can guarantee its quality and long-term service. In addition, our experienced technicians ensure that the garage door opener is installed correctly and working smoothly. So contact us today to request free estimates on our garage door services.

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