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Project Description

This client from Omaha, Nebraska, was excited upon purchasing this Genie Chain Glide opener model. Finally, they could replace their old, noisy garage door opener that had been stressing them for years. They called us at Omaha Garage Door Repair and scheduled a garage door opener installation. When our experts arrived, we examined the old opener rail assembly to check if it was still safe for the new installation. After inspection, we decided to remove the old hanger and put on a new one. We installed the opener and connected it to the overhead door. Once the setup was complete, we tested the garage door opener to see if it worked perfectly. They could not believe how quiet and smooth the door ran—no more squeaks and shakes. After the job, we left the garage all tidy and clean. The family can now look forward to many years of trouble-free use with their new garage door opener. 

Before automated openers were invented, people used to open and close their doors manually. It was a tough job, needing lots of strength and help. Since they were first made, garage door openers have come a long way. From manual work to electric motors and now to smart technology, these devices have changed how we get into our garages. Let us take you on a quick journey and discover the earliest door openers. As you do, you will realize and value the benefits of today’s electric door openers more.

How Did Garage Door Openers Work in the Past?

From Manual to Electric

In the past, opening and closing garage doors took a lot of hard work and effort. In the 1920s, electric garage door openers changed the business world. With electric openers, garage doors were easier to use because motors powered them. Thanks to this invention, homeowners no longer need to struggle with heavy doors. All they had to do was push a button.

Remote Control Openers

With the invention of remote controls in the 1950s, garage door openers took another big leap in their development. The ability to open and close garage doors from inside your cars changed everything for homeowners. Remote controls communicate with the door opener via radio frequency signals. So even inside your car, you can open and close a garage door with a click. How easy and convenient is that?

The Benefits of Electric Garage Door Openers

Noise Reduction

Electric garage door openers provide the perfect solution to noisy manual doors—they operate in silence. No more banging and clanking, keeping your family or neighbors up at night. An electric opener ensures that your garage is as peaceful as can be so you can rest easy.


With a button press, your door will move up and down without you breaking a sweat or getting wet in the rain. This feature is great for people who have trouble lifting and are stuck in their car. Opening the door will be smooth and comfortable—no matter what the weather is like outside.

Better Safety

Safety is the top priority for garage door openers, a focus of newer models. Built-in safety sensors identify anything in the way of the door, preventing accidents and damage to vehicles and property. Families with kids or pets can feel safe knowing the garage door will stop and go backward if it hits something.

Energy Saving

Manufacturers made modern garage door openers with energy economy in mind.

 • LED Lighting: Many new garage door openers have LED lights that use less energy. LEDs use less electricity than standard incandescent bulbs and last longer.

 • Standby Mode: Some garage door openers offer an energy-saving standby mode. The opener goes into low power mode when it has not been used for a while. 


Garage door openers have made life more practical, safe, and energy-efficient. From manual to automated systems, these devices make our daily lives easier and more connected. Let us enjoy their benefits and how far they have come.

Garage Door Opener Installation Near Me

Are you thinking about getting a new garage door opener? Talk to Omaha Garage Door Repair about which garage door opener will work best for your door. When you call us to repair or change garage door openers, we can do it with ease and precision. We install new garage door openers using the right tools and technology. All these efforts to make sure your garage door will work properly. Count on our quick and reliable service for garage door installation, opener repair, and more. Call us today for a free quote and consultation.



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