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Garage Door Opener Repair Bellevue

Project Description

A homeowner from Bellevue, NE, called Omaha Garage Door Repair for garage door opener repair. The homeowner complained of a defective wall control panel with completely unresponsive buttons. After checking the wiring and switches on the unit, our technician diagnosed that the control panel board had gone bad after more than a decade of service. We ordered the replacement part immediately and installed a replacement board within two days. The homeowner was ecstatic about the job well done by our technician.

Wall control panels are mounted on the garage wall so users can open and close their garage doors at the push of a button. The latest models come with various features, such as lighting the way automatically, displaying temperature, and providing system status alerts. Unfortunately, it can be frustrating to determine the source of the problem when the wall control panel of your garage door opener is malfunctioning. Fortunately, you can do a few things to troubleshoot the issue and get your wall control panel up and running again.

How to Troubleshoot a Garage Door Opener Wall Control

Step 1: Check the LED light.

Look at the LED light or electronic display on the wall control panel. While it is off, see if the garage door opener motor unit has power by pressing the “Learn” button. If the light on the motor unit turns on, great! If not, try resetting the house circuit breaker for the garage door opener electrical outlet. When all these things check out, and there is still no power to the unit, you will likely need to replace the logic board.

Step 2: Test the wall button.

Remove the wall button using a screwdriver. Then, touch the wires together to test them. Wall control panel boards have a low voltage circuit, so there is no danger in doing this step. If the wires and circuit board are good, your opener should operate. Skip to Step 3 if touching the wires together fails to work.

If you have established that your wall control is defective and has to be replaced, doing it yourself is simple and affordable. First, find the part number in your owner’s manual and order the part. A quick Google search typically yields similar replacement parts if the exact model is no longer manufactured. Just make sure it matches the one you have by comparing photographs.

Step 3: Test the wiring.

If your garage door opener’s motor has power, but the wall control unit is not working, you must check the wiring between the two components. First, ensure the wires connecting the motor unit to the wall control are secure. Then, check for any visible damage on the wires, and if you find any, repair or replace the wirings.

Call a Professional Garage Door Technician

Although DIY garage door repair and maintenance might save you some money in the short term, they could cost you more in the long run if something goes wrong. Therefore, if you are unsure about something, do not proceed until you understand it completely. In addition, some repairs and maintenance tasks should only be performed by a qualified garage door professional.

Garage Door Opener Repair Near Me

If you need garage door opener repair in or near Omaha, NE, look no further than Omaha Garage Door Repair. We are a full-service garage door repair company that can handle any issues. Whether your wall control panel is not working properly or your garage door opener is making strange noises, our team of experienced technicians will be able to diagnose and fix the problem quickly and efficiently. Our other essential services include garage door installation and garage door spring replacement. Contact us today at (402) 819-5158 to schedule a service call!

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